MZA Associates founded in 2001 is a sales and marketing communication agency that delivers well crafted and thoroughly strategic communications packages through print and video.

Unlike traditional ad agencies, MZA Associates operates lean and mean, leveraging on the creative and production strengths of an array of talented and experienced individuals, as and when the job dictates.

Unlike traditional production companies, MZA Associates provides a real-time link to the leading edge in creative and production expertise. MZA Associates is unique in that rather than invest financially developing in-house talent, it spends time nurturing organic relationships with leading creative thinkers, writers, producers, cinematographers, animators, editors and graphic designers.

At MZA Associates the substance of effective communication determines the mode and style of communication, not the other way around. You talk, we listen and learn, and together we map out an effective communication package. Only then do we secure and assemble the best team to get the job done.